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At Link4Learning®, we are proud of the fact that this powerful software application belongs to our district clients, not a large corporation. By adopting a consortium approach from the beginning, we were able to keep our fees to a minimum and were able to build an application as defined by numerous and varied educators. Districts using Link4Learning® are far more than just clients; they are our partners in this exciting endeavor.

"I am very pleased with the professional working relationship with Powercom in the development of Link4Learning®. The product will meet the needs of our district staff, parents, and students because it was developed from a curriculum and instruction perspective. They have taken the time to examine best practices in assessment and curriculum design, integrate the accountability of the state standards and develop the technology to support it. The team of professionals working on the project understood curriculum, assessment and instruction."

Christine Stratton
Curriculum Coordinator/Principal
The School District of the Menomonie Area

"Link4Learning® is a marvelous tool for communication, data collection, and curriculum development. I am not a techie, but I can easily post resources, develop forms, and actually adapt the curriculum component to align with what we are doing within the district, rather than modifying what the district are doing to match the capabilities of the software. The support is as great as the product itself-it's fast, friendly, and, most importantly, focused on what's best for kids and staff."

Linda Wulff
Curriculum Director
Waupun Area School District

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